Our Products and solutions

PSplus Wealth Manager (VM) is our core product and the ideal wealth management software for Family Offices, Asset Managers, Banks and Foundations. As well as representing liquid assets, PSplus-VM depicts shares, real estate and other illiquid assets and consolidates complex asset structures.

The modules Advisor Portal and Client Portal support in addition the complete process chain in asset management. Here you decide yourself whether you wish to implement a tailor-made solution or remain closer to the standard.

Our Interfaces enable the interconnection to various well-known custodian banks, suppliers of quotes and securities master data as well as to financial accounting systems.

Via Order Manager, orders in Fix and SWIFT format can be transmitted via our partner Patronas to custodian banks and brokers. Further components such as, for example, asset management fees and diverse financial controlling instruments, round off the PSplus scope of supply.

Family Offices

The core functionality for the Family Office is the integrated representation of the total assets of various proprietors – in addition to liquid assets, the complete range of illiquid assets from physical real estate to shareholdings and on to art collections.

Equally, there is also consideration of requisite leverage. Cash flow projection and risk assessment are further priority matters for optimizing your concept. Via constant analyses, liquidity bottlenecks are recognized in good time and the adherence to investment policies, principles and guidelines is also monitored.

Depending on the client characteristics and specifications, a multitude of structure analyses according to branch, currency, region, maturity and runtime structures or asset types can be implemented.

Thereby individual customer care and asset optimization achieve added value for the advisor and above all for your clients.

PSplus-VM contains an integrated financial accounting using the DATEV standard account frames SKR 03, SKR 04 and SKR 49 or individual account frames via which the fiscal situation is comprehensively represented. Our Accounting Interface permits easy transfer into DATEV and SAP.

In order to allocate assets correctly to asset proprietors, a proportional and multi-level consolidation can be implemented. Our extended Real-estate and Shareholdings Reporting allows a comprehensive analysis. Additionally, reporting for collections (artwork, vintage vehicles etc.,) is possible.

Asset Managers

Independent Asset Managers are confronted by a multitude of challenges emanating from the service to private and institutional clients. Without support of the investment processes achieved through state of the art software, they can easily be faced with error-prone disruptions resulting in time-consuming and personnel-intensive manual processes.

For the care of this client group and the frequently deployed asset administration funds, PSplus has developed a complete range of solutions which create safety for Asset Managers in their decisions and greater freedom for their clients.

In addition to Wealth Manager, which allows analyses of yield and performance, Portfolio Manager is used for these client groups. It allows the implementation of direct Order Interfaces to the custodian banks. From these, all asset turnovers are read into the Wealth Manager via Interfaces so that the cycle is closed and asset managers can monitor the asset allocation of their clients together with the position regarding decision-making.

Should clients be informed as to which amounts are to be held in asset-managed funds, then our Funds-transparency solution is deployed. Client consultants receive not only information and analyses with the web-based Advisor Portal but can also generate orders and daily reports for clients.

End-customers are also able to inform themselves as to their current asset status via the Client Portal, using PC, laptop and tablet.

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PSplus systems contribute to the implementation of regulatory provisions in a time- and cost-efficient manner and thereby to the fulfillment of individual client requirements.

We support you from the moment of the investment proposal via the implementation right up to the client reporting, fee calculation and MIFID loss reporting as well as to the complete asset planning, inclusive of illiquid asset values – and always with the same data basis.

As well as our core product, PSplus-VM, Advisor Portal is available for creating order proposals and analyses. Portfolio Manager and Order Interface permit an efficient processing of the discretionary mandates. Clients may access daily information regarding their assets through Client Portal online at any time.

Owing to the very particular and divergent requirements of the banking sector, we would request you to make personal contact to us in order for you to acquire the best possible consultation from the very beginning.


Charitable and non-profit- foundations in Germany are growing in importance and their number is continually increasing. The asset management ensures a long-term financial basis for their social, scientific or cultural tasks.

For assurance and fulfillment of the foundations’ purposes, non-profit foundations require an asset monitoring system which has the targets of the foundation clearly in focus, namely:

  • Long-term optimization and maintenance of value preservation after inflation
  • On-going distributable income
  • Risk management to safeguard the first two targets

Impending or potential loss of value, targeted and planned income as well as the performance of the portfolio manager can be analyzed and monitored with the asset monitoring system for foundations.

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